Peace is highly misunderstood by its seekers and that is why it seems elusive. When there is no war, we call it peace like when there is no trouble bothering us, we believe we are happy! Since we do not know the real meaning or have any experience of the word peace or happiness, we go by thinking of it as a negation of what we have experienced and we wish to get away from. 
However, like external peace comes by removal of conflicts and living in harmony with existence, inner peace is about removal of inner conflicts and living in harmony of our own self. In order to do so, we need to become conscious of self. We need to experience self as it is and then be aware of the conflicts within ourselves that are disturbing our natural state of peace. 
However, peace is not stillness or inactivity of the body or mind. Even then, we may have to still our body and mind in the beginning to experience the inner self. This can be done through meditation, quiet time, chanting, bhajans, etc. You may be wondering how can chanting and bhajans bring stillness when we are actively engaged in making and hearing sounds? If we learn and recite it right then the vibration that we generate in the process is what helps us align our own vibration with the Universal vibration and bring about a sense of stillness. 
This is the state when the soul (Jeeva) is in harmony with the super soul (God/Supreme Being). Now, if this seems too philosophical for you to relate to, let me try to make it simple and practical. In an organisation we decide on a vision, mission and a goal towards which we make consistent efforts for all team members to focus on so that all other differences can not just be manageable but actually is encouraged to bring in best results. 
Similarly, when we are conscious of our purpose, we have a sense of direction. When we are busy living our life purposefully, we see everything that happens with us and around us in that context and therefore it only adds value to our journey and enriches us. Nothing is then a disturbance. Your inner peace will be intact as long as you are focussed on your purpose. You will find nothing conflicting or disturbing. The moment you lose your focus, you will find distraction even in the form of attraction! 
It may all start with your attraction to something or someone which if not consciously filtered and managed can become an addiction of sorts and eventually destroy your inner peace. So, live consciously to live in peace. 
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