Today is Earth Day – April 22nd. We started celebrating this day in the name of mother earth from 1970. However, as we can see, celebrating it once a year is not enough. Obviously. We live on what this mother earth provides us every single day. Mother earth has made herself available in the service of ALL her children. She provides for ALL of us enough for our existence so that we can focus on what we are meant to do. As Mahatma Gandhi said, she provides for all of our needs, but not for our greed.

As a human being, we are not only meant to know how to exist in harmony with everything in nature, like any other being, but also have the responsibility to make sure we don’t allow any harm to any one of us including mother earth – not because we are supposed to be acting great – but because we all are connected and them is us. So, saving earth and ensuring all are living in harmony is as selfish as saving our own lives. Nothing less, nothing more and nothing wrong too! Sometimes it is important to act as a warrior than to be peaceful. We cannot be peaceful when we see our homes burning up in flames in the name of economic development. Let’s wake up and do something about it – please!

So, whether we call it environment day, earth day, animal rights day, children day, mothers day, fathers day – it is not enough on that day to sow a plant, talk about saving forests, clean up the place, talk of saving water, take care of animals that we think are lovely like the dogs or the cats or dolphins, take OUR children for an outing, gift something to OUR mother or OUR father. Selflessness is far off from this point, let us at least extend our selfishness to include people outside of our family circles, then outside of our community, town, city, country and see the world – in all its magnanimity. We will become selfless in the process. Observe the love you receive from unknown and so called unconnected, travel consciously and the best part of the travel memories may be when we run out of food or water and there are people who show up from somewhere to provide for us so lovingly! When we experience this, we will not want to hoard things feeling insecure. There is no insecurity. Everything is provided. We are safe and secure. We are here for a greater purpose. Let’s experience it – please!

Sustainability is not enough any more! We need to be conscious and stop some things NOW. In the name of development we have taken a wrong path in education, setting up industries, encouraging consumerism, living on credit based luxury, becoming slave of luxury and happiness instead of being the master of wisdom and living a simple but meaningful life. Let’s make a conscious effort to live meaningfully and stop chasing happiness or joy all the time – it may not be necessary. Try it, please!

So friends, this Earth Day, let us pledge to live consciously, live with awareness, live responsibly, live in harmony, live humanely. If you like the blog and the pledge, please share this with your friends and encourage them to have and contribute towards a better world FROM TODAY. Have a wonderfully conscious day ahead 🙏😌💛