I can’t believe I am writing a blog on this topic, because I am a Work In Progress (WIP) myself in this area! However, the platform of Conscious Living Center (CLC) is as much for me to learn and grow as we share, as it is to help others do the same.

You will agree with me that most of us “know” everything. But only few of us make the serious effort to adapt it and make the shift within when we need to. Right?

When we feel we are not being understood or our best intended actions are not being appreciated, we are being blamed for our failed relationships or the challenges we face in life –  by our own loved ones who we wish to depend on for the moral and emotional support, it breaks down the self-confidence of the otherwise most brave and courageous person.

When this happens, either you start overly explaining your decisions and actions – still hoping and wishing to be understood by people you care about or you get defensive and not just defend your actions but are not listening to some sound advice or suggestion that comes your way.

Worst case is when we give up all hopes and we shut down. We neither explain nor defend. We don’t care. We have no hopes. We get lonely and most of the times we pretend to be the way people expect us to be in the crowd and surround us by people who ask us the least questions and seem to be our fans! Even though we may know they don’t care either or are looking at some benefits from your relationship. We think we are fooling others but in the end we fool ourselves and loose track of who we are and end up leading a confused and meaningless life.

So, at some point, we need to become very objective with ourselves. We need to learn to be observers of our actions and take corrective actions where necessary. Best option is to find mentors who may or may not be one of our loved ones, but definitely someone we respect and regard. We should take their guidance in situations and matters when our own judgement may get blurred.

This is where a spiritual master is the best in my experience who can always help you clear your vision and take you to have the eagles view of your own life and take corrective actions. With the help of a spiritual master, every fall, every mistake, every failure becomes the golden opportunity for learning and growing and even healing sometimes!

As a human, we are meant to live an exciting journey of exploring and learning, which involves all kind of turns and twists and we are meant to experience it as it is, learn from it and move forward. When we have clarity on why, what and how of our own self and the life we are leading, we don’t need appreciation, support and understanding of the whole world to feel okay. We should have the approval of our own conscience and the few who matter. This needs courage but also becomes the source of being courageous.

Today is Sri Rama Navami. What better occasion to discuss this topic? Lord Rama’s life is itself the best example of how one needs to live their own life dutifully and do the absolute right and not as per the convenience and comfort of self or extended self. Many actions of Lord Rama are also questioned and many will judge and criticise Him too….no one is spared. So, the best guidance we get from the life of Lord Rama is to become a leader of self, have absolute clarity about one’s purpose and duty in life, dedicate oneself to that and lead the life accordingly.

I wish you all a very happy and conscious Rama Navami! Let us all wish Lord Rama on His Appearance Day, celebrate the day by remembering the teachings of Lord Rama and pray to the Lord to bless us with clarity in our own lives and help us become a conscious leader of self and lead our life the way it is meant to be lived – meaningfully, consciously, dutifully and not apologetically! JAI SRI RAM!