One of the biggest issues we are facing in the human society today is that we have lost the art of thinking. This has not happened by accident. We are being programmed or conditioned to become followers. We are being trained to become followers of other leaders (especially still the white skinned or materially rich people), followers of what others (without judging their capacity) say, followers of instructions, procedures, processes and what not. Thinking causes one to be naturally curious and curiosity makes one seek out answers. This may cause a problem for those who do not wish anyone to know of their hidden agenda. Hence, in an organised way, we make sure we kill the thinking capacity through our upbringing and education. By the time one graduates, we get a machine which is ready to follow certain type of instructions and just implement. A herd of labour force, workers are who we are generating – no leaders. Some are encouraged to become managers in the corporate world to help the leaders manage human like a resource and that’s it. Wings are cut then so that we cannot think of flying higher anymore.

This trend can be seen not just in the corporate world but in the family traditions especially in India, where traditionally we had a rich culture. The whole Varnashrama Dharma was distorted into the current caste system by those who had hidden agenda and we see how it has kept us divided and in the dark.

We have in a structured manner put up factories to convert human into human resource or a machine capable of following instructions only and then we now say the biggest danger facing us globally and our national economy is that Machines or AI will take over human jobs or the human world itself!! and we lack leaders and innovative, creative, out of the box thinkers!!!! respectively. Seriously?????? And best part is let’s hear the solutions being offered and THINK. Solution is to consider what level of AI should be permitted to be developed!! On the other hand, we are now programming human resources or machines with thinking ability so that they can innovate, create or lead or at least pretend to be so!!!! This is just terrible.

We are forgetting the fact that there is a higher intelligence already leading the entire human race and the Universal phenomenon and the globe is not dependent on our limited intelligence and within that the AI we can develop or not. Issue is we are creating or developing everything, in the name of development and economic progress, that is totally un-necessary and is destroying the fabric of natural eco-system including the ability of harmony in existence!! This is the real danger!! We need to pause and really think consciously or take the advice of the few wise men left on this globe who may save us. Otherwise, we will soon cause our own doom. This is suicidal journey we are all on in the name of development, growth, success, etc.

Because we were aware this could happen, even the Kings had Spiritual Advisers traditionally in the Maha Bharat ( The Great Bharat or India). A spiritual master was above all – so that power, authority, money does not destroy the fabric of life. Unfortunately, by discarding spiritual guidance over a period of time, we have brought ourselves to where we stand today.  We need to wake up – NOW!

We need to first use our intelligence to discover ourselves and then explore our surroundings and know how to co-exist in harmony and play our role meaningfully in the interest of all concerned – not just the human race but as the most evolved species we are meant to be CONSCIOUS LEADERS of all other life forms and the supporting eco-system.

With folded hands, I wish to request the few of you who are reading this post to pause and THINK today what we are doing and let us please correct our course of action from today. It is late but not too late. There is hope if we wake up even now and start living consciously. If you need help in understanding what you can do and how you can go forward or help your children to lead a human life, please feel free to reach out to me at

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Wish you all a consciously wonderful Friday! Unleash your intellect and be human 💛👍😃