What do you do if your hand gets stuck inside some box? Do you just accept it as your destiny? Do you just try to get comfortable with the box around your hand? Do you try to compromise your position and just live with it? NO right?

You do whatever it takes to get your hand out so that you can use your hand the way it is meant to be used. Yes, for a moment your hand got into a wrong place. It thought it can get into the box and find the candy that it wanted to reach out to, but even if the candy was there, when the hand got stuck with the candy, the candy was the least desirable item. You needed your hand out at the cost of all the candies you had in the box and if need be more!! Right?

Now, believe it or not, this is comparable to how our body, mind and heart feels when we are stuck physically, mentally and emotionally respectively! It begs our intellect lead by our soul  – the real ME powered by our Supreme Creator – to free us from our situation. Agreed, we put ourselves into the situation because of our own wrong judgement  or we went as per the directions of someone who we believed or cared for (still our decision to do so) or we feel that we were destined to face it due to our past karma…..but the question is what stops us from getting out of the situation NOW?

I have myself been in a situation for many years,  when I was trying to find all ways to either change the situation or the “box” to change and make me feel comfortable or I wanted to learn to become comfortable within the “box” somehow and deal with the situation I am presented with. When someone asked me why I am living in such a terrible state within the box when my true nature was to fly free like a bird and live life to the fullest, I said pitying myself and acting as a true victim, “what to do? God has put me in this situation. I have accepted it and am doing the best to make myself comfortable in the box and live the best life possible. My karma.”

Surprised and almost shocked to hear this from me, the person said “Good to know you are a believer and you are giving the credit of your being in  your situation to God or your Karma, past deeds.” Then he asked something that changed my life forever – “Agreed that God put you into that box. You had to experience how it is to be in the box due to your past deeds. However, when he has given so many doors and windows for you to fly out, why are you stuck NOW? If you went inside the box due to Him, why are you not moving forward and getting out of the box as He is allowing you to or wanting you to? I think you want to be stuck, you want to be a victim, you want the whole world to sympathise with you, you want to blame your situation for playing small. You don’t want to take the responsibility of your own life. You are wanting to get treated the way you are being treated. You want to stay in the box forever and blame the whole world and even God. Is that not rue?”

WOW! I initially was angry at the person and argued – “You don’t understand my situation! I simply cannot just walk out and be selfish.” and when in reply the person said “You want to be selfless and nice to everybody around, at the cost of your own self – very good!,  but who gives you the right to treat yourself or your mind, body, heart and soul the way you are treating? You are not the owner. God is. And you are supposed to take care of these gifts and use it for the purpose it is meant to. Not waste it. Anyways, rest is upto you really. You want to free yourself, you can. If you don’t want, even God cannot help.” This conversation helped me cut the mental chord that tied me to the box and finally limp out and in some time I felt so light and started flying….phew, what a relief! Wondered, why I never did this earlier? And since then have been grateful to God for showing his mercy and compassion and saving me by sending the person, who I believe, was God’s representative in my life!

Friends, I hope some of you will relate to what I am trying to say here. Please don’t do the mistake I did and waste your golden years. This life is very precious and there is lots you are meant to do – not just enjoy – but perform your duty and live your life meaningfully for yourself and others. Every moment is precious.

I wish you from the bottom of my heart a very consciously introspective day which hopefully helps you to take that flight out of your situation physically, mentally and emotionally. I know how painful it is to stay stuck. I have been there. Today, even if there are moments of unhappiness I cause for myself or face, it is definitely nothing compared to the situation I was surrendering myself to, forgetting the fact of the power I have to change my situation. Today I know, even if I am in a box again, I need to learn why I got into it, feel the pain and then find the opening or create one to fly out!  Every situation is not sortable. Sometimes, getting out of the situation is the only way you can sort the situation for yourself. Just do it!

Need help, reach out to me on archana@consciouslivingcenter.in. I will be happy to help you. Have a blessed day ahead! Loads of love to one and all 💞🙏😌