We call human beings resources now a days….that itself means we are converting them into things that can be used. You are a good resource if you are be used effectively. Effectively for what? To generate money! If you can generate money for the country, for the family etc. you are a good resource, if not, you are a wasted resource!! Point is that we are NOT a resource….we have a higher purpose!! And we need not judge people according to their capacity of generating money to like them or condemn them…each one is totally loveable the way they are!

We kind of see this but then we are programmed or conditioned later. What do I mean by this? We barely discriminate babies and kids. We love them all!! They all seem adorable. We adore them for their innocence, their beautiful smile, their naughtiness…even their tantrums and so-called bad manners! However, these very things become worthless as they grow older….we judge them by their skin colour, weight, height….if they are innocent, we call them naive….if they smile, we ask them what is there to smile?? (yes, I have been asked by a few!!), if they are naughty, we call them immature, irresponsible etc etc. because now we want all to be the best versions of what we have been conditioned to believe is a good human resource!!

So, point to ponder is : Are you human or have become a human resource? 😳

Coming to the second point, we love our car, love our dress, love our jewellery and may give our lives trying to protect them! I sometimes wonder if we have our so-called loved ones on one side  and precious things on the other, honestly how many of us will choose what? We have started believing if we have money, we can have it all!! No bigger myth than that my friend!! It is the reverse, if we have one loved one, he or she can make our life worth living!!

So, second point to ponder is : If you make a list of things and people you LOVE, which one will be longer? 😉

Wising you all my lovely friends and folks a conscious day introspecting these two important points and understanding the importance of a humane human life 😃🙏