Most of the time either we are judging and criticising others or are being judged and criticised. When others do it to us, we don’t like it. We feel misunderstood or not understood at all. We feel limited. We feel wronged. However, we do the same most of the time. May be because we are not conscious of it and it has become part of our system. We have made it a part of us because we are surrounded by it. This is what happens when we are not consciously living. We become what our surrounding or association influences us to be. We feel lucky if we have good environment and association and feel destined to doom if not. We forget that we can choose. We need not get influenced by anything and everything around us. When we are conscious, we can make a choice of what we wish to be influenced by and what not. We also can then choose to behave the way we wish others to be behaving with us.

One of the best ways to live a stress-free life is to find your calling or purpose in life, have a goal and get busy learning, growing and sharing. Then we have very little time and energy for anything else anyways. When we have little time and we are living consciously, we can be very selective about how we spend that time and who we spend that with. The moment we are thinking and acting or living, we will be fine. Our emotions have to be in our control, if we allow our emotions to rule us, it could spell a disaster. Only way to do this is to put intellect over body, mind and heart (emotions).

Intuition or conscience is a very different matter though. That is our true self or soul speaking to us. We should learn to listen to that and live by that for sure.

Wish you all a fantastically conscious day ahead and I sincerely hope you all have a defined purpose in your life. If not, please make it your immediate purpose or goal to find your calling. It is not just about the profession or career you should take up, but the way you lead your life.

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