All of us wish to be happy. However, many of us don’t understand what happiness means. There is no product called happiness that we can go somewhere and buy nor is it a position that we can acquire. Then what is it? It is a feeling. This feeling does not come from one particular thing or situation. Then where do we go to and what should we have – to be happy? This is where we all are confused. We are running after something that we do not understand and that is why it is illusive.

We find people who have everything you can ever imagine materially – bungalows, cars, all forms of luxury, great family etc. but they are not happy. Most of these people are extremely anxious, stressed and feel empty from within. Then there are people who seem to have nothing – no luxuries of any kind, own nothing, no family etc. – but they are happy. They have nothing to fear and they don’t seem worried about anything. We may mistakenly think of these people instantly as irresponsible, because of our conditioning. They live with a purpose and are willing to die working for that purpose. They feel gratitude for whatever is gifted to them. They recognise and acknowledge that whatever they have is gifted and not earned – this is their secret to happiness! They don’t slog to earn, they do their bit towards their purpose utilising their gifts. This is living consciously or meaningfully!

Many of us try to live life quite transactionally. However, we don’t understand how life works. Transaction happens in the form of karmic reactions but not in the manner we believe it happens. To begin with we are a gift by itself. We did not invent ourselves! So, the list of gratitude begins right there! Then everything we need for sustenance is provided around us. And trust me we get what we are meant to have – anyways. Now the tragedy is – we are so powerful beings that we also get what we want – and we have no idea what is good for us and hence what should we want. We desire for things that are harmful and when we get it – we wonder why is it hurting us instead of giving us happiness? We don’t introspect enough, we still don’t get it. We start cursing our provider for not providing us with the best and for not making us happy! We don’t get it that for being ungrateful, we also will go through life learnings. We simply cannot escape this intelligent design!

We forget that we are created as happy beings and are meant to stay that way. Look at any child and you will know what I mean. Child is free of anxiety about future. Lives in the moment. Even a child has to cry when he or she is hungry to be fed or cared for. So, we need to put in some effort to indicate our need and we will be given with that. But greed has no end and is not appreciated by life since ultimately it is not in our ultimate interest. It is like a child asking for sweets. A parent will give a little, but will not allow the child to have too much because it is not good for the child. However, if a child decides not to listen and steal or run away from home and have it, life takes over and teaches the child a lesson it cannot escape. When we express greed, we are being like the child and when we work for all that luxury that we want – which is not our need but greed – we are behaving exactly like the child – immature and un-intelligent – right?  We have to learn to live the way we are meant to live – meaningfully serving and expressing gratitude for the gifts we have been provided.

Serving who? Not our boss, not our husband, not our country – but our creator. Yes, please read that again. When we serve our creator – everything else is taken care. This is like watering the root of a plat. Everything else is like watering the leaf which will fall off one day and will also not sustain the plant or help it grow into a tree.

Gratitude towards who? Not for self, for parents, for teachers, for trees, for animals etc. Gratitude towards our creator. When we recognise and acknowledge that everything and everyone has been gifted to us in this life by our creator, expressing gratitude towards our creator will help us express our true gratitude in the form of humble service to all the rest we come across – the good, bad and the ugly. Yes, we will feel grateful for everything because we will realise that we are provided in life with everything and everyone who is meant to add value to our life and help us learn and grow. We don’t come across anything that is meaningless. If we see something that is not right, it is an opportunity for us to go out there and do our bit to set it right. May be that is our purpose. That is why we can see what others cannot. Let’s not sit there and ask why can’t others see this? Be fortunate to be able to see and grab the opportunity to do something meaningful.

This universe and all its life form actually functions very intelligently and if we have to fit in properly, we have to use our intelligence too. We have been provided with amazing faculties, but we need to make the effort to utilise it.

So, let’s start our day today by introspecting what are the gifts we have been provided and are we utilising it meaningfully. Are we living intelligently? Are we expressing our gratitude? The moment we are thinking on these lines, we are becoming conscious intelligent beings. Living a conscious life is not just being aware but then using our intelligence to live with that awareness. 

When we really think intelligently, we will realise that happiness is nothing but contentment or being satisfied with what we have. Not running after something with anxiety and fear. But doing one’s duty (dharma) consciously and with no desire of anything in return knowing well that what we are meant to have, we will be provided – nothing more, nothing less. 

If some of us think, then why do anything? We have to do because doing or in fact, serving is in our nature. We are constitutionally (the way we are made) meant to serve (the Supreme Being – our creator). We cannot avoid that. We can only serve intelligently or do a disservice. That is a choice we have.

What are you doing? Please check and do course correction if required – not tomorrow – TODAY, NOW! Need help? Reach out to me or anyone else you believe can help you. Please know that we should seek help from people who have achieved what we are seeking from them. We cannot go to a spiritual master and ask for great marks or wealth creation – that is not his expertise. Go to a great teacher or businessman. Ask for the greatest wealth of spiritual wisdom from a spiritual master- which in turn will help you decide what is worth desiring for 😇

Wishing you all a fabulous day leading you towards conscious living 🙏💛 Please like, comment and share!