Being patient can be a boon but is usually a temporary solution before the volcano bursts as they say. Unfortunately when the volcano bursts it damages everything around it and also itself inside out. Hence, if your patience is running out on something, don’t teach yourself to have more patience but have the courage to look at the challenge at hand and deal with it. Work on finding the solution and not just avoiding the challenge. Don’t view the challenge like a problem because one causes anxiety and the other causes stress. Some amount of anxiety can help us function better but stress just paralyses us. In one sense life is just like a video game where in you have to overcome one set of challenges to raise to the next level and with every level you get better at playing the game. Studying about the game and analysing it and not playing does not help. Being patient will not promote you to the next level. Material nature similarly is very just and impartial.  So friends, let’s get busy with life consciously 🙏😃