Even though we all are unique and therefore different in many ways, we also have a few things in common. One of them is the desire to be in peace. We all want to be peaceful. We all are trying to find peace. Agree?

Some of us go to a quiet place to find peace, some of us listen to nice soothing music to feel the peace, some of us meditate to find peace, some of us travel to beautiful places to find peace, some of us spend time with nature to experience peace. What is your choice? How do you find your peace?

While to some extent all these methods work, it is all for a little while, it is very temporary relief and sooner than later, we find ourselves twisted back in stress like a high tension wire. Are you all with me in this?

This is the nature of this material world. Everything is temporary. Peace, happiness, sadness, illness and life itself. We feel happy when someone is born and cry our heart out when someone dies. We all like things comings our way and whatever we like, we want it permanently. We do not like losing things. We want stability. We don’t like changes – what to talk of the VUCA world as all of relate to especially when we speak of HR.

So, what is the solution? Solution is in using our intelligence and gaining the knowledge and understanding about “What is Life?”, “Who are We?”, “Where do we come from?”, “Why are we here?”, “What is our ultimate purpose?”,  What is the meaning of this temporary life?”, “Where are we headed?”, ‘What is Death?” “What is happiness?” and so on. Once we get a proper understanding of our self, our surrounding and our journey of life, we will no longer be afraid of the unknown. We will go through the ups and downs of life with the same excitement as we go through the roller-coaster ride. We will look for action and not peace. We will know that doing the right action will lead us to peace.

We need to also figure out ‘What is right and wrong?”, “What is action?”, “How to live?”, “What is valuable?”, “What is love?”, “What is attachment?”, “What is desire?’ and so on…Life will bring us answers and then will bring us newer and more interesting questions…and best part is life itself will help us find the answers to all our questions. Questions and desires pave the path of our life journey which will provide us with the answers. In that sense it is like a very engaging game that we play with loads of people around us and we need to figure out if we want to play solo or for best results find the right match of people to create our team. With me still? Wonderful.

When we can engage ourselves living our lives with intelligence and using all our faculties effectively, life becomes interesting as it is. We will be busy living a meaningful and purposeful life and we will find our happiness, peace and love within whatever we are engaged with and within ourselves. Want to know more on how to go about all this and live a conscious life? Connect with me and let’s talk.

In the meantime, wishing you all a wonderful and conscious weekend!