Many of us feel lonely in the crowd of family, friends, colleagues. community, society and so on. We all speak and socialize, but are not able to speak our mind. Many of us feel we have people around us but feel not understood. When we don’t feel understood, even love does not feel real. Trust seems misplaced. Expectations seem unreal and stressful. Do you relate to any of this? If not, you are lucky. If you do, know that you are part of the majority. 
However, having said that, it is not something to be proud of. It should not be like this and does not have to be. But if this has to change in our lives, only we can make it happen. We need to become aware, acquire knowledge and lead a purposeful life. Rest will happen. Read on to know how to do this.
First step will be to become aware of ourselves with introspection and observation. Making our own independent assessment of our inherent (may be hidden) talent, skill, passion, interest, strength and weakness. 
Second step will be to have the knowledge of the fact that we are exactly the way we are meant to be by our creator. Period. We will be happy to therefore accept ourselves as we are and then figure out what is it that we are meant to do. We will be perfect for what we are meant to do. Our weakness will seem like our strength when you see how it affects what we are meant to do. This will help us understand our life purpose. The purpose for which we have been created. 
Third step will be to get busy with what we need to do to align ourselves with our purpose. Ignore everything else. Have the courage to move forward with what you know you should be doing rather than what others expect you to do. Only way to do this is to have the awareness and knowledge as mentioned above providing us with absolute clarity. Once we have that clarity, we can be committed, determined and trust me once we display these qualities, no one can stop us or probably would want to stop us.  It has to be more than just a fancy hobby like interest. It has to be the kind of interest and passion which gives you a purpose not just to live but to even die for. That is when we actually live our life. This is part of growing and evolving. 
Once this is happening, we will get connected to our kind, our tribe. When you are learning music, getting to know others with interest in music is natural. Same is the case when you are learning computers or painting or mediation or doing community service. Is it not? That’s it. When we find our tribe, we will find people who are like us and will understand, appreciate and encourage us. Oh yes, there will be people who will display jealously etc….just observe and stay away from all kind of negative people, energies…the ones referred to as energy suckers 🙂 
It is obvious if we are able to do this, we are in good company and we are happy wherever and however we are. Agree? What’s stopping you from getting started now and align yourself with what you are meant to do? Whatever age and stage of life you are at, you can get started. Let’s not waste this precious life any more at least. Let’s find our tribe…let’s go….hey, but you know it right, do it consciously! Need help, reach out to me…will be happy to support! Go for it friends!! Start NOW!!!