We are born limitless, we are excited and want to move, walk, run and fly from the time we come to our senses, however, we are also born with self-doubt and do practice some caution. This is how intelligence in nature works! Life give us opportunities to experiment, learn, grow and believe in our abilities and the more we know of  our abilities, we become confident and start trusting our selves while we still take necessary caution. When we become comfortable at a particular level, we want to move forward, stretch ourselves and see if we can go beyond where we are and for this we also take calculated risks to experiment reaching newer heights. This is in our nature. If all of us are left to be, we will show these basic tendencies at least in an area or two which is our unique ability.

Look at a baby learning to take its first steps. The baby is scared, doubtful and not sure but since the child has not yet been introduced to labels which puts limits on his abilities in his mind, he or she still goes forward irrespective of the fear. However, as soon as the child sees his or her mother or father encouraging him or her to take the first steps, the child becomes all excited and goes for it with amazing confidence and becomes fearless. 

What if the same parents had freaked out and jumped up and held him or scolded him for trying to hurt himself ?? The child may never try again. The child will believe in this fear more than in his own intuition and confidence to walk even through a few falls. If we allow our children to fall while learning to walk, what happens later? Why do we stop the child from taking risks, follow his or her natural instinct and give in to fear and caution? Is it because walking is common and a known skill but as we grow, being unique our paths vary? Are we as adults scared of unknown situations and do we stop our children from doing what they are meant to do because it is new to US also?? We want to know what the child is attempting so that we can protect? Can we not try and educate ourselves on what the child wants to do and encourage the child by making sure we create those cushions around so that even if he falls, he is safe? Why not? Are we just lazy or too busy or lacking confidence in our selves and that is why we stop our dependents from living their lives? Point to introspect for sure.

As children grow in age, they are gifted with labels from people around on their limits as they perceive. They are being instructed and told what to do and what not to do. They are in a way being told they are not trusted, they are no longer being encouraged to do what they wish to do but they are being told to do what is comfortable and easy and known to the adults. This is exactly how and when we kill their confidence, self-belief, excitement, decision making and thinking ability forever.

Some of us are born with the attitude to fight against anything that we do not understand and prove it wrong and others just accept it. Both ways lead to a life that is not fulfilling. Our life is either about proving others wrong or limiting our selves and growing into what others make of us. Some while trying to prove others wrong, forget to look at what they want and ultimately lose out on everything including their self-confidence and give up on themselves! So, are the adults or friends in a child’s life becoming their murderers? Are we unknowingly, unintentionally doing this to our loved ones?

Till the time we have people around us instilling fear in us, we need those loving, non-judgemental, caring, compassionate, trusting parents, mentors, coaches, teachers and friends in life who provide us with the confidence to do what we want to do when we are ready to do and go for it irrespective of our fears and encouraging us to take that step and giving us their un-wavering support whatever happens. Otherwise, we should be left on our own and we will come out to be mighty Tarzan’s in the jungle of life! 

This is the environment that makes the real difference in who we become as a person in this life. It is just not about the economic and social status of the family or the community we are born into. This is the sole purpose of an adult to provide for the young ones or even towards the friends we have in our lives. If I have one encouraging and trusting friend or a family member in my life, I can flourish in my life better than having the luxury of the whole world but only expectations and labels as a legacy.

When we get to explore on our own and become aware of our awesomeness, then we live the life we are meant to life. This is life in this world, this is the goal, this is excellence, this is happiness and everything we know of related to self, self-discovery, self-awareness, self-leadership. 

After this point comes the whole aspect of knowing what are we meant to do with what all we can do and what is our purpose and meaning in life. Once we figure out our purpose, we need to align ourselves consciously and then begins our journey of achieving the purpose of this material and temporary life. We can then start living a purposeful or meaningful life in this world. 

However, even then we will feel a kind of emptiness at some point. This is the point when we become aware of the need to become conscious of our eternal spiritual journey and then align our material life with that spiritual purpose and journey to experience bliss internally even in the most discomforting situation externally. We don’t have to wait to get to this point. Knowing this, does it not make sense to  educate ourselves early enough on this aspect as well, so that we can be spiritually and materially aligned for a complete and holistic life from early on? 

This is when we transcend the real limits of ourselves and our surroundings externally and become the truly limitless selves – the spirit souls – and get in touch with our own unshakeable, awesome, amazing self – find the real wings to fly and transcend beyond this maerial plane of life and create  a life we desire to transcend to in the spiritual world! This is when we are consciously spiritual – aligned to the spiritual plane through our spiritual self. 

As we welcome spring this HOLI, let’s consciously start your spiritual journey and welcome the colourful, wonderful and amazing spring in your life and live a bountiful and blissful life here and beyond – starting NOW!