Courage is hidden till we are faced with situations that ask of us to find it within ourselves. Every time the situations are a little more challenging than we know we can handle and then this magical tool comes to our rescue and surprises us with what all we can manage! When we are born we believe we are “limitless”….which we are….and then based on what we are told we start limiting our abilities and put a cap to our abilities and call it capability!!

When we are born, we are quite independent in our thinking and only believe in ourselves. We believe we are limitless and venture out to experiment, learn and start living. Then in the process of being nurtured,  we are made to believe very quickly that we need adults to guide us, support us and even approve of us to make it in life. By the time we are adults, we unfortunately end up being more dependent on the system or so we believe for our existence.

When we become truly aware of our real self and its nature, we once again become limitless. For some it is a moment that brings this realisation and for many of us life stretches us little by little and if we go along with the belief life has in us, we can find our true limitless self again. Life throws many challenges at us knowing well that we can deal with it and is encouraging us to wake up to our true self…some of us take the cue and wake up to it and take full advantage of it to excel in our life in what we are meant to do and fly like a rocket and others….unfortunately doubt the Universe, life and give up.  Instead of taking challenges as an opportunity, they look at it as an unsurmountable problem and lose out on life itself!!

Today, I encourage all of you to ask yourself – how have you been dealing with the challenges thrown at you by life? Have you experienced your limitless nature in recent times? If not, do you think it is time to? What can you do today to know that you are limitless? Yes, you don’t have to do anything to become limitless…you are limitless already….you just need to know it, become aware of it, become conscious of it, believe in it, trust it and start living the most glorious life you can live…starting NOW! Have a fantabulous day becoming conscious of your limitlessness!!