Many misunderstand the statement – be yourself. It is not being careless, irresponsible, lazy and do nothing. Being self first takes becoming and this is a huge responsibility as a human to first become aware of our current status, of the potential we carry and then work towards becoming capable of performing as per our real potential. This is like recognising self to be a potential flower when we are still a bud and then enjoy the process of blooming into a flower and fulfilling our purpose of spreading beauty with fragrance in this world for others. No flower is waiting for its appreciator to come and enjoy its existence. Whether it is appreciated or not, it fulfils its purpose and once done sheds itself and moves forward in the journey of life. There is purpose within this world and another eternal purpose as part of the eternal world. Let’s discover the wonder we are, our wonderful purpose in this world and beyond and enjoy the wonderful journey of life being and becoming  – consciously –  starting today! Have a wonderful day!!