It is amazing how small gestures of love and affection from people you happen to come across can validate the most important thing for you in your life.

Yesterday as I walked out to purchase some fruits, I met one of my neighbours (who lives in the same gated community which has 1000 odd families living), who had a big smile as he greeted me and as he is a qualified nutritional expert even gave me some caring information about apple as I picked a few. I could feel his genuine care and I instantly felt grateful.

Then as I turned around the old man who owns the fruit shop was so delighted to see me after some gap, since I was travelling, that I wondered what made him have that twinkle in his eyes because I am definitely one of his big clients…..and soon I got to know…when he said, it is so good to see you, there are very few people who speak kindly. We all wait for you every day and keep looking at the gate but since last few days we did not see you. You were well na? Awwww….my heart melted at his genuine love and care.

As if this was not enough for a day, I finished my purchase, paid and was walking out of the shop when I hear the lady of the shop give me a shout and say…pick one guava, it is nice! It was as if a mother tells her daughter and she ran up to pick one of the best for me to munch on. Oh! I was feeling dizzy with so much love!!!

Anyways, as I thanked her and accepted her loving gift, I saw the flower lady close by waiting eagerly for me to turn to her and as soon as I did, I saw the brightest smile ever 🙂 She said, I was wondering if you will forget smiling at me… know, it means a lot to me. I like to see you, whether you buy or not. So, keep coming na 🙂

Ha, and as I was trying to digest all that, my phone received a message and that was from a neighbour who might have seen me walking, welcoming me back!! All of these if you observe are such selfless sharing of love and care that it makes you do that with others all the more 🙂 These small gestures ultimately mean so much more.

When you sit with a loved one and share your day or listen to them with genuine interest, it has the same impact. Just one genuine look and smile can keep someone going. A little text letting the person you care for know that they are in your thoughts, may mean the world to them. Nothing else is required to be done or said…just these small gestures from the bottom of your heart will have a soulful impact on the other, pumping life in that other like nothing else can.

You know what all this finally meant to me? After feeling and soulfully thinking of these experiences, I felt validated. Validated about the life I have chosen to live. Validated about the value system I am able to demonstrate, for which I have to thank my parents. But to continue with those old fashioned value systems with head-held high would not have been possible without the support and encouragement from my Spiritual Master. Not only has he been encouraging me to continue the value systems that are right but has also helped me drop some that were not helping.

I have to specially mention one person I met recently. I know OF him from my birth but in reality met him and got to KNOW him only now I felt. He not only helped me see myself but also gave me some of the best tips I have received so far in my life for my personal and professional life. It is amazing how fear of losing loved ones can play up there in your head and make you feel so insecure that you feel the need to always defend yourself and all your actions. Phew! and that is why you need some friends, mentors, well-wishers in your life who can help you see what you are doing and mend yourself for your own sake and be the person who you are meant to be. How can I not feel grateful?

Then again life has showered me with soul-mates….I don’t know how else to define these relationships that I have come across in the last few months…. they are intense and deeper than anything I have experienced so far. Sometimes, I feel I don’t know how to handle them and the intense energies. It is exhausting and all consuming….but I think if I know how to channel the energy that I am receiving through them in the right direction, it will result in something powerful for all of us. However, I will admit, as of now it is a bit of struggle for me…hard to put it in words. Anyways, I trust that if these are real soul mates as I tend to believe and Universe has brought us together, I will receive the guidance to retain them and know how to go forward. When I meet these soul-mates, it is as if Universe is validating me and giving me the strength to move on….without feeling tired and lonely. They are walking along in my journey which has been pretty lonely so far 🙂

Thank you all for being a part of my life and helping me better myself consistently. Gracias!