Yes, I mean the same curd rice that you are thinking – the south indian yummy dish which is as important for a south Indian to end his dinner with as a desert or sweet is for a Punjabi, Bengali or a Gujarati.

Now, this is what happened. Yesterday, I was in a mood to celebrate the fact that I lived through a natural calamity, had a wonderful session, sold few of my books especially to some decision makers from the education sector and the fact that I got some token of appreciation in cash too 😉 Of course, I was tired of travel, all the anxiety, washing all the clothes I brought back too because of which I was not in a mood to cook 😊

 So, I decided to go to a near by restaurant which I am quite a fan of called Desi Paratha and pack something for dinner – some pakodas and some curd rice. Pakodas for celebration and curd rice to digest those pakodas 😀

Look at the wonderful ambience they have, besides their amazing varieties of parathas, this is what drives me to this place again and again.

So, I went to this place, ordered for my dinner and came back with   my parcel soon. Put on the TV and as I watched my favourite program started munching on the hot delicious pakodas with super hot green chutney.

I was actually full by then but thought of tasting the curd rice a bit and keeping the rest for next day. I digged into it and took one spoon full and put it in my mouth and it was the most disgusting version of curd rice I had ever tasted! It was smelling of cigarette I thought at first. I could not understand how can curd rice become so horrible! There were some beautiful cashews decorated on top so I was sure they wanted to make it nice and rich. For a minute I thought, I was too full and that is why I am finding excuses to say that the food is not nice. I wanted to be sure. So, I took one more spoon and tasted it. And yuk, it was simply not edible.

This time around I understood the problem though. They had used some strange smelly oil that was already used for not just frying something but also had burnt it and then used whole lot of that in which they put a whole lot of mustard seeds (much more than would be suggested) and had added that to the curd rice and now as I looked closer, I could see oil floating on the sides!! I decided to share my feedback with my favourite restaurant knowing that their chefs were probably from North India and hence did not know the blunder they were doing with this simple local delicacy 😔

I stored what was left in the refrigerator so that the chef can smell and taste what I was mentioning and understand for himself. This morning as decided I went to the restaurant and gave my feedback. Fortunately, there were no customers in the vicinity and I could talk to them without damaging their business. What astonished me very pleasantly was the way these young employees including the cashier, server and later the chef himself took the feedback, were so apologetic and were very happy to learn from me about how to make it properly and what fruits they can use to make it better. They accepted the fact that they are from North and they do use the oil that is a bit smelly but North Indians are used to it and they may have re-used the oil used for frying. I was so pleased with their attitude that I wished them all the very best and started walking out.

They immediately offered to give me anything else I wanted instead. I refused, saying that was not my intention and informed them that as they know I am a regular customer of their restaurant and will come back but this time I just wanted to help them with my feedback. They were not happy and satisfied. They were not sure if I really meant it I guess. They insisted for their sake I accept at least one paratha. I could see the love with which they were offering and I understood  it would mean a lot to them if I accepted. So, since I was full, I asked them to pack one of the parathas of their choice. They insisted I make a choice and I did and they happily went back into the kitchen and in a few minutes with a big smile and a little fear gave me my parcel once again apologising from the bottom of their hearts.

I appreciated them for their wonderful attitude and requested them for a picture. They posed but as you can see, they did not know how I am going to use them.

I sensed that and quickly once again convinced them that I was really happy with them and asked them for a selfie. This time as you can see they were more relaxed and posed away.

As I walked away with a big smile and my parcel and waved a thumbs up in their direction, their spirits were all up. I felt good about them and somewhere about myself too 😜😇
Wishing you all a fantastic Sunday friends! Be Conscious, Be Good, Be Happy, Be Grateful 🙏