I had been to Trivandrum on some official work recently and as soon as we found some time in hand, me and my colleagues did not waste a moment to be on the beautiful Kovalam Beach! The weather was just perfect. Cloudy but not raining, high tide pushing the waves to give us a gentle kiss right on the beach and wind that literally washed off all our stress from the day and before in a moment.  

We walked up closer to the light house where there was a beautiful restaurant called Coconut Grove. While we were walking up, one of the ladies selling pineapple gave me a shout….I looked and smiled and she gave me a beautiful smile back which attracted me not just to her product but her and her zeal. 

Anyways, I indicated we are headed for lunch and once done, I will come back to her to take something from her. Indicated –  since we did not know each other’s language to speak but our smiles, heart, eyes and a bit of sign language did a better job 🙂   
Soon, we reached our destination hotel and wow! the walls were painted with bright colours brightening our mood instantly as well. The view in front of us and the environment inside made us all relax and while we were hungry, we were fine to wait for as long as it takes! We placed our orders and sinked into our chairs facing the sea and soaked in as much as we could and breathed in all the fresh misty air.

While we were waiting for our order, I suddenly saw the lady with the smile and pineapple walking up in front of me and indicating that she is waiting for me!! I don’t know if it was her smile, the place or something else…I was not disturbed. I nodded with a smile back and she parked herself in the empty shop next to us patiently waiting for us. I realised how tough life is for them and actually appreciated her determination to follow up on a prospect 🙂

Soon enough our order arrived and we hogged on our food 😀 It was delicious and we had a great company with each other to enjoy also. So, it was as perfect as it could be. Soon after we finished feeding our stomachs, we were sleepy since none of us had slept the previous night preparing and stressed with the meeting preparation we had in the morning. We got some coffee. teas and as we sipped in we slowly woke up and started clicking pictures and videos…all our creative juices started flowing through!! This is what happens when nature’s superb creativity surrounds you in all its serenity.  

Photo Courtesy – Rajat Chaturvedi

Video Courtesy – Saumya Shanker
While we were growing crazy clicking, posing pictures, another lady walked up with the same goodies and with a bright big smile looked up to me with a hope to sell something to me. Once again the smile killed me and I instantly indicated to her also that I will come back to her in some time. 

Next thing I saw, she also settled down right in front of our “adda” waiting for me to get free!! Now, I had two ladies waiting for me….I realised what I have done soon but somehow had no regrets….I walked up to the first lady and called the second lady to also come over. They almost started fighting…but then I told them I am going to keep my promise and buy from both of them. So, I told one lady to give me pineapple and the other to give me mango. 

They both wanted to make the same amount from me….irrespective of what I wanted…hee hee…and they used all tactics from a hug and a kiss on my cheek to get it……feeling the love of all 3 of us ladies hugging, kissing and smiling away, a dog that was watching us went on his back with all his four legs up in the air and went off to sleep feeling all loved and cuddled as well 😀 

I knew I paid 2-3 times for the product I bought but I had no regrets. I was buying from a tourist spot, so double was anyway expected. But then what is the cost of the love and affection I received from these lovely ladies. How much money could have shown my appreciation for their hard work and determination with a smile that came straight from the heart?? How many of us can even fake a proper smile when we go through tough patches of our life? So, feel whatever I paid was totally worth it…if I could afford more, I would have probably given that too!! 

I came back happy to my adda and friends with my goodies and enjoyed the pineapple which was cut out for us and brought back with me the 3 lovely mangoes. As I sat today and ate one of the mangoes, I can taste the love and affection of the ladies…I am so glad I experienced what I did and acted the way I did….at least all the 3 of us and smiling away while these 3 mangoes and 1 pineapple exchanged hands ….gratitude and love to the ladies and all of you friends reading this little story straight from my heart!