We constantly hear the problem in our life is that we are attached. We need to learn detachment. But think deeper…is that right?
In my view, attachment is not a problem. Only thing is we should be consciously making the decision to get attached with reasoning that can happen only when we think and apply ourselves. 
Let us see, what or who are we attached to. Many people are attached to this life. They want to live forever. No worries. This is somewhat natural. Only thing we should have clarity about is what life is all about. We should at least know what we are attached to.
Life is a process. It is dynamic. It is a journey. It is a classroom. We experience, we learn, we grow and then we move on to the next phase of life. The next phase is dependent on our preparation in this life. Without understanding this, being attached to life is like being attached to a school or our classroom. 
Most of us get into life without any understanding of what life is, who we are, what is our purpose of life and afterlife, what is death, what is the goal of our life etc. We are supposed to learn this in the early years of our life and then lead our life accordingly. We get into schools, without a proper understanding of why we are going to the school, what is it that we should be learning, why is that learning important, how are we wanting to use that learning etc. 
If we do not know and just flow with the tide then we may get attached to going to the school because we have friends there, we can have fun there etc. and may not actually even be interested in learning or preparing for the exams etc. because we do not even see a good reason to pass out. We are fine there. We like the place and we have become comfortable with the place and people there and we want to continue there….forever. We don’t mind passing the exams and failing and the school continues to give me the same teachings and till I pass the exams for a class, I just stay there. School is confused to have a student like that, parents are confused as to why their child is behaving like that but the child does not want to give up his attachment to his school and his class. If you force him out, he gets so scared and he feels so insecure that he may rather decide to give up his life than give up his school, his friends, his comfort there. He has made his school, his life. That is his world. 
Same is the case with family life. We get married without understanding the purpose of marriage and then just get attached, have wrong expectations, become possessive, become depressed, make our children our literal extensions and slaves and sometimes when things don’t go according to our liking, we may go to the extent of giving it all up and unfortunately it rarely means giving up marriage and family and children and one’s attachment to all these but because one has made this their life, they give themselves up, give up their life!!
I hope what I am stating here is resonating with you and making sense, is helping you understand that we need to really understand the life we are leading, the purpose of that life and then make a life around you for that purpose. We are the creators of our world. If we don’t create ours, we will be part of someone else’s world where we may not fit and feel uncomfortable and confused. 
So friends, live life to its fullest. Get immersed in it. Do whatever you wish to do. Get attached. Commit yourself. Dedicate yourself. But do it consciously. Happy and blessed conscious life to you and your loved ones!
Your well wisher and friend,

Archana 🙂