Are you living consciously? 
What does it really mean? 
Yes, this is one of the questions I get asked back when I ask the first question. 
Let me explain in very simple terms. 
Living consciously basically means living with awareness. Being awake every moment. 
Now, you may be wondering how should you know if you are OR not? What are the signs? Correct! Good job, you are the on the right track of thinking. 
We have to become conscious of a few things to know that. For example, 
Who are we? What are we doing? Why are we doing what we are doing? What is the purpose of our life? Why are we even living? 
Once we have these simple basic answers, we can consciously make decisions in our life for what we should do, why we should do, how we should do etc. 
Priorities will get set automatically. Balanced life will happen quite automatically without special effort. We will be able to see what causes stress. How important it is for us to continue with that activity and accordingly set things in the right perspective creating perfect balance in our life all by our conscious selves.
Makes sense? Great! However, am sure most of you are now thinking on the first basic question – WHO ARE WE? Try to start answering this question – however, one condition – DO NOT USE INFORMATION GIVEN TO YOU BY OTHERS ON HOW YOU HAVE TO BE KNOWN LIKE YOUR NAME OR WHAT YOU HAVE STUDIED OR WHAT IS YOUR DESIGNATION TO DEFINE YOURSELF. You are of course not your name, not your qualification and not your designation. You are much more than that….and you know that! Come on, so take a paper and pen and start writing down who that real you is? 
Hmmmm….finding yourself quite lost? 
Right, and guess what? 
We were living all our life so far without even having an answer for WHO WE ARE? 
How meaningless can we get? Anyhow, better late than never. Let’s get started. Let’s figure out and to begin with for most of us finding the answers to the basic question of who we are and what is the purpose of our life may in itself become the purpose of life. 
Fair enough….let’s start there. So, finding out Who Am I and What is the Purpose of My Life is the Purpose of My Life ☺ Sounds complicated but as you know, it is not! That is what it is, that is where we are. Congratulations for arriving here.
Now, once you know what you want to do, you need to find out how to get there. No one else can do it for you. You have to do it yourself. Now, this is not as difficult also as it may seem. Depending on what we wanted to do so far, we figured out what we should read, where we should go to study, who we should talk to, who will be the right teachers and did all the research using our intelligence and made all the sacrifices and effort to get there and got there. We have to do just the same. 
So, get started friends. All the best! 
If you need some help in this amazing journey of life or wish to share your journey of a conscious life, feel free to write to me. My name is Archana and I am the founder of Conscious Living Center which is a forum for online and offline programs on conscious living. You can reach me on
Become Conscious and Spread Consciousness!