This topic of conscious living is something that has completely sucked me into it since I first heard of it about 15 years ago! Since then I have been spending considerable time in understanding what is consciousness all about. I have read a lot, spoken to a lot of people who claim to be living a conscious life and finally found someone about 12 years ago after meeting whom I was convinced to have reached a source from whom I can learn for life and am fortunate that he accepted me as a disciple. Jai Gurudev!

I wish to share with all of you some of those very fundamental reasons why one should learn about and live a conscious life.  Conscious means being aware. So, living consciously, simply means living in awareness. Now, the point is awareness of what? Awareness about self for example. We have been given all the complex abilities to understand our selves. However, how many of us can claim to be aware of ourselves? Do we know where did we come from? Do we know why we are here? Do we know where do we go after we die? Do we even know how to describe ourselves without using the names and designations that others have assigned us with in this world? If the answers to these questions are unclear, we need to first and foremost learn how to become self aware.

Now within this self, we have three separate level of consciousness to explore. We need to become body conscious, which is the first level. Then we need to become mind conscious, which is the second level. Finally, we need to become soul conscious, which is the third level.

When we say body conscious – let us see, what it means, it means becoming aware of every small detail of how our body functions. How we breathe, walk, talk, sit, talk…all of this and more. What are the things that it is comfortable with and what makes it uncomfortable. To know the purpose of this body. Remember, we come into this body and leave the body when we die. We are not the body. So, if I am being called Archana in this body then my name is Archana but I am not Archana. Please read the previous sentence a few times and try to understand the meaning of it. To explain it a bit further, when I was 5 year old, I looked and acted quite differently than how I am at 45. But it is my body and mind which has changed and not me. I am the same which was residing in that body of a 5 year old and is now residing in a  body of 45 year old.

Similarly, there is lot to understand when it comes to mind consciousness. For example, what is mind? Is it same as the brain or different? How does the mind function? What does the mind do? What is the purpose of the mind? Can we control the mind? And so on and so forth.

Same is true for soul consciousness. We need to understand what is a soul? Is individual soul and super soul same or different? If there is a soul in everyone, it is the same soul or different? What is the purpose of soul’s existence? How can we identify ourselves with the soul? How can we understand the soul better? Are there different types of soul? And so on…

Human life is the only opportunity to become conscious. If we do not utilise this human birth, we may not have the opportunity for many many more life times when we may be born again but not necessarily in the human body. Then again, besides self consciousness, there is God consciousness too. Once we start understanding who we are, we do get introduced to our creator and the purpose He has created us for. In order to live seamlessly, we need to understand about our Creator and His Plans for us since at one point we have to accept that not everything is under our control. We get pulled and pushed in different directions by circumstances we do not understand. If we become conscious, then we start understanding it and then we can flow with the tide and not against it.

So, it makes sense to live a conscious life. If you are not conscious, you definitely are existing but not living. So, don’t lose any more time and start living a conscious life. Always learn under able guidance. Don’t try to be self taught expert especially in these matters. Best wishes for conscious moments!