Why Should One Read Bhagavad Gita?

Best answer I ever heard to this question was this – “Because it is the manual that comes with the human species” 🙂 Basically, this meant that this is a book which tells us how we are meant to live, like any manual that comes with a gadget, tells us how we are supposed to use the gadget.

Bhagavad Gita is actually one portion of the great epic Mahabharata – which means the GREAT BHARAT. Bhagavad Gita means the SONG BY GOD. God is our creator. This song is an instruction by our creator for all human beings on how to live life. I say human and not all living beings, because the ability to hear, assimilate and accordingly perform is available only in the human form. Once a Jiva or soul gets into the Kaala Chakra, where we are stuck in the nature’s law of action and reaction, it is only in human life that we are able to break away from the same and transcend back to our home land. This is a place we are all visiting and we need to become conscious beings and return to our permanent homeland where our real happiness lies.

We can find some happiness here, but it is only temporary. Nothing stays forever. Everything is changing. It is a roller-coaster ride. We are screaming sometimes with joy, sometimes because we are scared and sometimes because we want it to stop. All we can do is scream and wish to stay happy on the ride forever – doesn’t even seem like a realistic goal to aspire for – does it?

So, if anyone is looking for permanent happiness, Bhagavad Gita is the source to reach there.  It is part of the Veda’s and Veda’s are the oldest scriptures and source of all the other scriptures and man-made religion or belief system. So, this is the best way to directly go to the original source of knowledge to transcend from material life to spiritual life, from misery to bliss.

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